Birrell Mining International’s Purpose is “To earn superior returns from technologically advanced rehabilitation     operations at widely available mine tailings. We leave no footprint and care for our people and the environment.”

BMI initiates and drives ambitious projects within its subsidiaries, each offering significant returns on investments without compromising environmental and social standards. The primary focus of BMI will be on the recovery of minerals from the rehabilitation of the vast array of tailings and mine residues across sub-Saharan Africa.

In line with the BMI’s ethos, the Group has a reputation for its unwavering focus on returns from what may be marginal operations in complex contexts. This uncompromising yet fair operating style has garnered respect and significant interest from a number of operations in South Africa with tailings available for reprocessing and rehabilitation. Minimal project operating costs and swift returns enable scaling of revenue without proportional operational scope and risks.
   View from Klipwal Gold Mine    

Group Structure

    Making Rehabilitation Self-Funding