Birrell Mining South Africa (BMSA)

The commercial realities of planning, developing, financing, mining, extracting and processing gold and other minerals has become increasingly prohibitive in the current restrictive economic climates. However significant wealth is locked up in tailings and rock dumps across the region due to a lack of expertise, skill and vision to tap into these opportunities.

BMSA’s uncompromising focus on maximising returns from surface resources within minimal capital and operating cost structures, will enable investors to realise attractive returns without compromising their environmental conscience.

BMSA’s expertise and experience, combined with an appetite for challenging opportunities, allows the Company to view TSFs, left over from abandoned mining operations or remaining from historical workings on operational sites, as exciting prospects for revenue generation as well as environmental rehabilitation and social reconstruction.

What makes BMSA unique is the fact that the company constructs and operates concentration plants at each site. This mineral-rich concentrate is transported to its Central Processing Plant. Multiple concentration plants can be operated in conjunction with one Central Processing (metallurgical) Plant with significant capital and operating expense savings whilst BMSA’s extensive engineering, concentration, processing and metallurgical expertise translates into improved margins.
   Klipwal Gold Processing Plant

The BMSA Solution

BMSA offers exciting and rewarding solutions to the barriers of profit generation and rehabilitation in the
gold mining industry….
    Dense Media Separation (DMS) Plant    

Overview of Birrell Mining Process Flow Solutions

    Making Rehabilitation Self-Funding